How Managed Service Plans Can Benefit Your Business

August 10, 2018

Whether your company has no IT staff or a team of experienced IT workers, managed service plans can be a huge benefit to your business. Here’s how.

24/7 Support

This is an issue that frequently drives employers to seek outside services: limited helpdesk hours. Your in-house staff has a finite amount of time they can reasonably work, so an outside provider can step in to cover extra hours.Business happens around the clock, so if an employee needs tech support at 2 a.m., a managed services provider can handle it seamlessly. That also means you have support coverage during vacations, holidays, and heavier-than-expected periods.

Emergency Help

What if you have an emergency, like a virus attack, data breach, or system failure? Your in-house staff may quickly become overwhelmed. Even a new system or training issue can create a company emergency, because employees may be unable to work until they can log in and learn the system.With managed services, the outside company can quickly learn your procedures, then train your employees. In the case of something like a data breach, they can help you manage what to do next, and best practices for preventing it from happening again.

Server and Network Management

Firewalls, backup, switches, system analysis … the maintenance and monitoring of your servers and network can be a complex topic. But every company must ensure their data is stored on secure servers with excellent backup procedures. They must operate on a safe network.If you’re not sure whether your company is following the best practices, get an assessment from a trusted IT management company. They have the expertise to identify server and network risks you aren’t even realizing exist.

Proactive Approach

When it comes to tech services, being reactive is a risk. If you’re always struggling to keep up with the latest updates, security patches, and systems, your company is vulnerable day-in and day-out.U.S. companies lose $7.6 billion due to viruses every six months, and every 40 seconds a company is hit with a ransomware attack. Before many companies have time to react, the damage is already done.A proactive approach is much safer and more effective - and a managed services provider always operates from a place of proactivity. Their job is to look out for your company, predict vulnerabilities, and find solutions before the worst happens.

Containment of Costs

Hiring managed services also helps contain the costs that come with IT support. Instead of paying employees for endless hours, you can arrange for - and track - the number of hours you’re using through an outside service.With a reputable managed services provider, the costs are fully explained up front and you always know what you’re spending. This allows for proper budgeting and planning, without huge unexpected costs, which is good for your business.Techlocity helps your company manage its tech needs with a safe, secure approach. To learn more about how to keep your company safe, connect with us using our secure contact form.