Our flexible Managed Services allow you to focus on your business while we manage your IT – whether you have an experienced team or no IT staff at all, we have plans we can tailor to fit your needs.If you would like to explore how a Managed Service Plan can improve the performance of your IT investment, please use one of the convenient ways in the Let’s Start a Conversation section below to contact us.


Full Server Management

Our Premium level Server Management provides unlimited remote and onsite support of your servers as needed, including support for firewalls, switches and backup.

Network Protection

Network Protection includes cloud-based anti-virus on all machines and management of all software updates, Windows patches and firewalls.

Proactive Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance allows your company to focus on other areas; we manage all licensing, routine maintenance, patch management & support renewals.

Affordable Implementation

Affordable Implementation means that you receive aggressively discounted project rates (including after-hours rates) and easy IT purchasing with discounts on hardware and software.

24×7 Support

24×7 Support allows you to access our Help Desk at any time. We have team members onsite around the clock. We also provide a dedicated emergency response team and unlimited calls & support tickets

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring includes constant system analysis & problem detection through state-of-the-art management software.

Desktop Support

Our service desk team can help your team with any desktop related issues they might come across. Our team works 24/7 with over 60 clients, so we have seen it all before.

Building Your Business Through IT Services

The business world is competitive. Now that technology has opened the door to endless potential clients, it is more competitive than ever. For the health of your business, it is crucial to invest time and energy in your IT services. Your online presence can significantly impact your overall success. Clients have grown accustomed to being able to retrieve any piece of information quickly. Your system must be able to provide this speed. Establishing your IT infrastructure can be complicated and requires a great deal of your time. If you want to improve your IT infrastructure but aren’t sure you have the resources, Techlocity can help. Our experienced team can help manage your IT and monitor your systems to ensure that they work at top efficiency. Our team can manage any business IT, large or small.


What Services Does Techlocity Offer?

At Techlocity, we believe in being involved in every aspect of your IT operations. We want to see your business succeed. Therefore, we offer numerous services to provide what is best for you and your team.

Some of these services include:

  • 24/7 support—Our service desk is available 24/7. This includes every day of the year, even holidays.
  • We pride ourselves on being a leader in customer service. We offer users direct access to a real engineer, not an automated response. So, no matter what the issue is, we will be able to help you resolve it in real time, getting you back to business as quickly as possible.
  • Network operations center (NOC)—At Techlocity, we believe in being proactive when it comes to anticipating IT issues. That is why we continually monitor all aspects of your network, including computers, websites, phones, wireless systems, servers, and security. By diligently monitoring your system, we can fix any issue and get your IT back on track in no time.

More About Our Services

At Techlocity, we want to offer customizable plans that fit your needs and budgets. We understand that not every business is the same and that each company deserves a unique approach.

Some of the additional services we provide include:

  • Backup and disaster recovery—Keeping your data safe is crucial. We work to ensure that
    your data will always be available, using several preventive measures.
  • Cyber security services—Cyber attacks can be costly. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that
    your business is getting the proper level of protection you need. Our team will work with
    you to assess your cyber security needs and develop a plan that fits your goals and
  • Strategic alignment reviews (SARs) and best practice reviews (BPRs)—We create a technology roadmap that will help you plan for future IT investments and mitigate risk. Our strategic assessment of your environment helps to ensure your technology is aligned with current & future business needs.
  • Managed VoIP services—This service allows you to host calls over an IP network,
    providing advanced features at a lower cost.
  • Microsoft 365—This secure, cloud-based suite of applications provides ease of use to
    increase productivity
  • New computer setup—If you are adding a new device to your system, we can make sure
    it is set up appropriately. This will allow us to make sure that it will be streamlined and
    ready to work with your other established devices and programs.

Why These Services Are Important

Techlocity provides services that are all tailored to help your business succeed in the digital world. In addition, we can handle the tech side for any size business from your IT infrastructure to the way your customers encounter your business.

Our services help with:

  • Unlimited support—We are always available to answer any question or help when there is a concern. You will never have to deal with an automated answer; we have real engineers waiting to help.
  • Increased operational efficiency—Efficiency rules in this hyper-competitive online world. business environment. We ensure that your system is performing at its absolute best.
  • Scaled pricing—The price of our services will always be clear. We believe in caring for our customers, and that includes honest pricing. We work with you and your budget to tailor the perfect IT services your business needs.
  • Reporting and analysis—Our reports will help break down the different elements of your business. This will help provide a clearer picture of how your business is performing and will allow you to make better-educated decisions for your business.
  • Improved performance—We take care of all your IT concerns. This frees up you and
    your staff to focus on other important aspects of your business.
  • Warranty & asset management—Since we take care of all of your IT concerns, you won’t have to worry about any warranties or assets; we’ll have those covered and up to date.

Why Trust Techlocity?

At Techlocity, we provide seamless IT coverage for any size business. We take pride in helping our customers build their businesses.

By trusting us to focus on your IT needs, you’re able to focus on other essential aspects of your business. Our team has years decades of experience in IT, regularly going through training to ensure that its members are always up to date on the latest technology has to offer. In addition, our team is knowledgeable and diverse, providing a rich culture of support and an ability to handle any IT tasks your business needs.

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