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Techlocity finally got my VPN/Remote Desktop issue resolved.  "It is wonderful to now be able to work without losing my connection all of the time."

About Us

Shaping the future of SMBs with reliable IT support

Every business leader knows this: IT is not just a part of your business; it is the backbone of everything you do. But let's face it, the road to seamless IT can be bumpy.

You often have to deal with frustrations from poor service quality: system downtime, slow response times, security breaches, unpredictable costs, and an IT support team that just doesn't get it. We've heard the frustrations: "My provider is reactive" or "They just don't understand my industry". One thing is clear – you need a partner who gets it.
This is where we step in! 

We've been in your shoes, and we’ve felt your pain, We are an IT team that believes in doing IT right – with a proactive approach, top-notch expertise, and a personal touch. We understand the unique challenges of businesses like yours, and our commitment is to ensuring your tech works for you.

And so with that, we say:
Welcome to a new chapter in your IT journey. Welcome to Techlocity.

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Every decision and action we take is with our clients' best interest at heart, ensuring personalized and effective solutions.


We pride ourselves on providing reliable and prompt services, ensuring minimal downtime and efficient problem resolution.


We stay abreast of technological advancements, to ensure our clients are equipped with future-ready solutions that foster growth.

We let our results do the talking!

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Our story

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How it started: A vision for excellence

Our journey began in 2009, with the business originally established as Indy IT Professionals. From the start, our mission was clear: to address the complex challenges businesses face in managing, securing, and optimizing their IT infrastructure.

Understanding the common concerns regarding lack of IT expertise, technology cost management, and the need for strategic IT alignment with business goals, we set out to create a client-first culture that prioritized the specific needs of the businesses we served.

A new era of IT leadership and innovation

In 2016, a significant transformation unfolded with our rebranding to Techlocity. Roger Underwood and Todd Kuebel bring over 50 years of combined experience in IT leadership, they infused the company with renewed dedication and care.

This pivotal moment marked our commitment to excellence, and our focus on providing innovative solutions and navigating the dynamic IT landscape with expertise and empathy.

Expanding horizons: Serving local regions

Rooted in Indianapolis, we've extended our expert services to nearby areas like Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville, Brownsburg, Avon, Mooresville, Greenwood, and Lawrence.

We believe in building strong local connections, ensuring that our solutions are not just technically sound but culturally aligned with the communities we serve. Our local focus has been instrumental in establishing strong relationships and understanding the unique IT needs of each area.

Giving back to our community with purpose

Our commitment goes beyond IT services; we actively give back to the community, supporting initiatives like Hope Gallery, Firefly Children and Family Alliance. These partnerships reflect our core belief in corporate responsibility and the power of technology to make a positive impact.

By integrating social values into our business model, we demonstrate a holistic approach to success – one that benefits not just our clients but the wider community.

Pioneering the future of IT services

Today, Techlocity stands as a testament to excellence in managed IT services. With over 75 years of combined IT experience, we offer a spectrum of services covering IT strategy, security, and support, to advanced solutions like VoIP.

Our client-centric approach, coupled with a proactive and preventive strategy, ensures that your business is not just equipped for today's challenges but is also prepared for the future. We pride ourselves on our adaptability, scalability, and commitment to cutting-edge security measures, making us a trusted partner in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Our partners in excellence

We offer superior value through strategic partnerships

By collaborating closely with industry-leading partners, we harness a wealth of expertise and resources that enable us to deliver innovative solutions and services.

Ready for a proactive, expert approach to managing your IT?

Choose Techlocity and experience the difference of dependable IT support!

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